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A UX/UI Case Study

As someone who really enjoys fountain pop, I have found that it can be difficult to get my daily fix of caffeine and carbonation when traveling. I can always buy a bottle, but it is just not the same as a pop fresh from the tap. Many small towns that I have traveled to in the US and Canada do not have large chain gas stations (like Kwik Trip or Speedway) or even a fast food restaurant. Determining if a gas station or convenience store has fountain pop is almost impossible without stopping and going inside. The other problem is that some stores only offer one brand, either Coke or Pepsi products. Many people prefer one brand over the other, so it can be frustrating driving around, stopping at various gas stations only to find that they have Pepsi when you want Coke or vice versa.

Research Plan

For drinkers of fountain pop, finding a place that sells your preferred brand of soda can be difficult while traveling.

To determine demographics, soda consumptions habits, and travel habits of potential users of this app.

1. A screener survey created using Survey Monkey and distributed via Facebook.

2. Interviews  conducted with 3 people who completed the screener survey and who also meet the criteria of a potential user for this app.

Screener Questions
1. Do you have a preferred brand of soda? If yes, which brand?

2. How many times per week do you purchase a fountain soda?

3. For what reasons do you travel more than 100 miles away from your home?

4. How many times per month do you travel more than 100 miles away from your home?

5. When you travel more than 100 miles away from your home, by what method do you most often travel?

6. When you travel more than 100 miles away from your home, how important is the availability of fountain soda in the area that you are traveling?

7. Do you use a smartphone when you travel?

8. How old are you?

9. What is your gender?


Interview Questions
1. Tell me a little bit about yourself. What kind of work do you do? Where do you live?

2. Tell me about what kind of traveling you do.

3. Do you typically go to big cities or more rural areas, or both?

4. Do you ever go on road trips? If yes, do you buy snacks/drinks for the car ride?

5. When you buy pop, do you have a preference for bottle/can/fountain soda?

6. Tell me about a time where you wanted a fountain soda but could not find a place to buy one.

7. Tell me about an experience you’ve had while traveling where you wanted your preferred brand of soda, but the place that you stopped only had the other brand.

8. How useful do you feel a fountain soda locator app would be for you when you are traveling? Why do you feel this way?

User 1: Frequent traveler and avid fountain pop drinker.

User 2: Frequent traveler but prefers to drink bottled pop.

User 3: Drinks fountain pop often, but does not travel much.

Interview Script
Hi, my name is Sarah and I am going to be conducting today’s interview. The purpose of this interview is to gather more information about a fountain soda locator phone app that I am developing. Its purpose is to help people who like drinking fountain soda to easily find gas stations or convenience stores that have their desired brand of fountain soda. Everyone knows a spot in their neighborhood where they can get a fountain pop, but when you are traveling it can be more difficult if the area you are traveling to does not have large chain gas stations or fast food restaurants. 

Online Screener Survey Results

User Interviews & Personas

Following the screener survey, I conducted in-person interviews with the people whose responses indicated that they would be candidates for using this app (travelers and fountain pop drinkers). Here is the key information I took from each interview, and the personas I created based on the information gathered.

Interview 1: Travels often for leisure. Prefers visiting natural areas, hiking, and camping. Drinks fountain pop daily. 

Interview 2:  Does most traveling by car. No strong preference between fountain pop, bottles, or cans but is very brand loyal. Prefers citrus sodas to brown colas.

Interview 3: Used to travel a lot, but since having a baby has been tied to home more. Loyal Coke drinker. Prefers fountain soda but will settle for a plastic bottle. 

Interview 4: Road-trips all over the country for fun. Feels that a road trip is not complete without fountain pop and lots of snacks. From Wisconsin but lives in Florida now, and feels they do not have as many well-known chain gas stations, like Kwik Trip, in the south. Not always clear whether gas stations are going to have the soda that they want. 

Interview 5: Fountain pop fanatic who gets a fountain Diet Coke nearly every day. Does not travel often, but would definitely use a fountain pop finder app when traveling.

Samantha Benson

AGE: 25




Samantha is a nurse on the surgical unit at a large hospital in Chicago. Samantha is very driven and has aspirations of moving up to a nursing management role. She is a city-girl and a night owl. When she gets a break from her long hours at work, Samantha enjoys going out with friends to take in Chicago’s vibrant nightlife and trendy restaurants.


  • Visit the 10 most populated cities in the U.S. and the world.
  • Work as many shifts as she can to save money for travel.
  • Be promoted to a job that gives her a more flexible schedule.


  • She is very busy and needs problems to be solved quickly and efficiently.
  • Needs caffeine to keep her awake when working night shifts.

Susan Martin

AGE: 65


FAMILY LIFE: Married, 2 children

LOCATION: Minneapolis, MN

Susan is recently retired from her job as a secretary in an architect’s office. She has two children and 7 grandchildren. Since retiring, Susan and her husband purchased a motorhome and have been escaping the cold of Minneapolis by traveling to their favorite destination: the Florida panhandle. They both love to bike, and have been training for longer rides.  


  • Leisurely bike the entire Florida panhandle coastline.
  • Travel back to Minneapolis often to visit children and grandkids.
  • Read more and establish new hobbies.


  • In Minneapolis, she is used to having everything she needs within a few minutes drive. Living part of the year at a motorhome campsite in a more rural Southern community has been an adjustment for her.

Rob Smith

AGE: 34




Rob is a middle school teacher. He is married and has no children. Rob and his wife love to travel. They take frequent road trips with their pop-up camper, and like to document their trips with photos and social media posts. When traveling, Rob prefers staying off the beaten path and seeks unique attractions and restaurants away from tourist areas.


  • Visit the lower 48 states by car
  • Find unique spots to camp and hike
  • Keep himself and his wife caffeinated and well-fed in the car to avoid fights on road trips.


  • He hates crowds and tries to avoid heavily-trafficked areas.
  • Finds himself traveling through small towns often and runs into problems finding specific food and supplies.

MVP/User Stories

The MVP chart connects what users want with actual elements that will be integrated into the app. The KWHL chart helps to define and organize research goals.

User Flows

Mapping out how each persona might navigate through the app depending on their specific needs.


User Testing

User Test 1

User 1 was a 20 year old female very experienced in using phone apps. She had no issues navigating through the prototype, but was a little confused about the purpose of the camera icon in the navigation bar.

User Test 2

User 2 was a 67 year old female with some experience using phone apps. She was able to navigate the app, but felt that some of the text and buttons were too small.

User Test 3

User 3 was a 33 year old male with a moderate level of experience using phone apps. He was able to navigate the app, but wished there was a clearer sense of what he was supposed to do on the landing page.

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