I’m Sarah Shumaker and I am a designer living in the Madison, WI area. I have always been a lover of creating beautiful things, but like many design professionals, my path to this career was not direct. I earned a BS in Zoology in 2008 and have spent most of the last decade working as a veterinary technician in a small animal clinic. While I will always have a soft spot for veterinary medicine, I started to feel like I was too comfortable in my career. Sure, I could have taken the easy route, staying in my current position for the next 30 years and being great at my job; but that’s not me. I like to be challenged and I love to learn new things. In the spring of 2018 I took a block printing class and an alcohol ink class and it really struck me how much joy I get from creating. I started looking into various art and design programs at local universities and discovered the Web and Digital Media program at Madison College. Digital Graphic Designer. It sounded perfect to me; a job that would allow me to use both my creative abilities and my problem-solving scientific sensibilities. I completed my degree in May 2020.

My interests include surface design, web design,  UX design, and copywriting. I am also enthusiastic about watercolor, alcohol inks, and printmaking. My dream job would involve combining my loves of biology and art, and doing work to bring attention to environmental issues. I am looking to join a team of relaxed individuals who love helping others through the creation of beautiful and effective designs.